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Meet Krissy Harb

The Universal Yogini


to transcend all separateness and come together in unity


the feminine sanskrit word for yogi, a female practitioner of yoga



About Krissy

Krissy (RYT-200) is an openhearted yogini who currently lives in Montrose, California. She received her bachelor’s degree at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, and earned her 200-hour yoga teacher training certification in 2015.

During college she found a yoga studio she loved and began practicing yoga regularly. Yoga left her feeling physically at home in her body, but mostly she loved the spiritual aspect of yoga. Her practice kept her grounded and connected to a sacred space within her, feeling deeply inspired by her own inner healing. For Krissy, this inner healing occurred when she was in tune with her body, mind, and divine spirit. She was filled with gratitude for the gift of yoga.

 After graduating from college she had the opportunity to participate in her first 200-hour “Journey Inward” yoga teacher training with Kelly Metcalf, owner and divine yogini at Harmony House Yoga in Pismo Beach. She was taught the importance of a personal practice, pranayama, and meditation, and explored the chakra system. In her teacher training she learned to live and teach from her spiritual heart. To her this means listening, connecting, and integrating one’s inner wisdom into their practice and into their life. It means moving from a space of love within your heart.

After her training she taught regularly at Harmony House, which Krissy considers to be her “sister studio” because it is home to her teacher's and spiritual sisters’ yoga practice. Her weekly classes gave her experience in teaching vinyasa, hatha, gentle, restorative and yin yoga. She also has experience teaching pranayama and meditation. 

Krissy was deeply inspired by the community at Harmony House. The teachers maintained the sacred nature of yoga and the students were willing to learn and receive the teachings offered.

She has begun her 300 hour RYT with Tias and Surya Little, practicing the art (and magic) of the subtle body.

Krissy has been the owner and lead instructor of SHYC since 2017. She survived the pandemic with the support of her incredible community and she looks forward to the many blessings in the future ahead.

Krissy's Mission

My mission is simple: to create a sacred space where you can connect to your spiritual heart, your light, your truth, your dharma.


After two years of teaching, Krissy was called back to Los Angeles to cultivate her own yoga studio and create a space for self-discovery and transformation. She met with Lori Maradei of Yoga Montrose, owner for over 28 years, and they connected deeply. Krissy emphasized that she wanted to maintain the sense of community Lori created, and Spiritual Heart Yoga Center (SHYC) was born.

This space is near to Krissy’s heart, as it is directly across the street from her great aunt’s house, who passed away a few years ago from pancreatic cancer. When she passed she left Krissy a small amount of money and that is how she paid for her teacher training. Krissy set an intention during her training to open her own yoga studio one day, and to see this manifest has been a magical and divine unfolding. Krissy is grateful to open the doors to everyone in her community. 

What to expect from Krissy

Krissy lived on the central coast for over five years, referring to it as her spiritual playground. She aims to bring the sense of community, love, and supportive energy from her experience back to SHYC and share it with students of all walks of life.

Krissy offers all levels classes, and she focuses on alignment so that her students can maintain a sustainable and life long practice. Krissy customizes her classes to meet the needs of her students, and she provides nurturing modifications and alternatives to deepen the pose and enrich the practice.

Her intention is to provide a space where her students can connect to their spiritual heart, their wisdom, light, truth, dharma,
or life’s purpose.

Krissy believes to be connected to one’s own spiritual heart means to move from a space of love and clear intention, which anyone can access by a deep inner listening to their heart’s own wisdom.

To Krissy being a yoga teacher means always remaining a student, joyfully learning from every life experience and beloved being that crosses her path.