9:00 AM09:00

108 Sun Salutations

Join the SHYC community for our 1 year "soft opening" anniversary. We will celebrate our one year of hard work, determination, and deep dedication to our practice together in a rigorous and meditative class.

We will move through 108 sun salutations together. This will take about 2 hours. Afterwards we will share in cooling foods & hydration, think fruit, water, & more.

"108 has long been considered a sacred number in Hinduism and yoga. Traditionally, malas, or garlands of prayer beads, come as a string of 108 beads (plus one for the "guru bead," around which the other 108 beads turn like the planets around the sun). A mala is used for counting as you repeat a mantra—much like the Catholic rosary..."

This class is only open to SHYC members, thank you for understanding. This is a free class to monthly unlimited members. If you use class passes, a class will be pulled from your pass. Please sign up for this special class, limited space. This will take the place of the regular scheduled Saturday hatha flow class.

There will be an open to all class at the end of September to celebrate the "grand" opening. 

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9:00 AM09:00

1 year Anniversary Celebration: free yoga all day!

Join us for our 1 year anniversary!

Enjoy free classes all day long with all of our teachers! All are welcome, you must sign up online before to secure your spot. We invite you to try all the classes, with each teacher!! There will be raffles, sales & stellar options to become a Spiritual Heart Member-- you won't want to miss it!!!

9 am hatha with Joyce:

experience this all levels hatha based class with our lovely teacher, Joyce. Great for beginners.

11 am vinyasa with Tracy:

join us for this rigorous, movement based class, where Tracy shows you how to move fluidly with your breathe. Great for experienced students looking to build some heat.

2 pm hatha flow with Marlene:

enjoy this traditional flow class, where Marlene will guide you into poses that create heat in the body and help calm the mind. All levels welcome, but prior experience is suggested.

4 pm restorative with Krissy:

end the day in this relaxing, supportive, calm environment, where we use props to support the body so we can facilitate deep rest and celebrate our Spiritual Hearts together.  All levels welcome!



all classes are free & open to the public, however you must sign up online before hand to secure your spot.


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6:00 PM18:00

Full Moon Circle

Join Krissy in our first full moon circle at SHYC. We will practice moon salutations together as a moving meditation, journaling, intention setting + release setting, and end in a gratitude circle. Guided meditation to follow the moon salutations. Expect to connect deeply to your inner wholeness, fullness and moon like glow :)

Leave feeling connected, grounded & intentional.

$35, 10% off for SHYC members. Intimate setting, so space is limited. 

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