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Sound Bath with Sean Levahn

Deep Fields Sound Bath

12 pm - 2 pm


10% off for spiritual heart members

Gather in community with Sean this DECEMBER as we begin to turn inward for the winter. Let’s explore the impeccable boundaries of our collective sonic landscape. Using the power of planetary gongs (and others), Quartz Crystal singing bowls, Tibetan singing bowls, Ghantas, rain sticks, drums, Sonic Sabers, Tingshas, chimes and other instruments we will journey deep inside ourselves.
The overarching theme to all these sonic events is restoration and rejuvenation of our overly stimulated nervous systems, a return to Heart centered intelligence, and tapping into the universal flow of synchronicity to facilitate visionary co-creation of our future-now.
Using the strength of sound, the engaged grace of the senses, and the mutual support of one another, we will nourish our souls, travel the worlds within our souls, and allow creative insight to blossom. As we awaken from the Vibrational field we will feel like we slept for 12 hours straight. A Rebirth of sorts!

What can you expect to experience at these events?
*Temple atmosphere with a beautiful altar set up before the Mothership of Sound
*A 5 minute silent meditation to begin
*Setting the container-Sphere of Light/Golden cocoon
*Essential oil anointing with the essential oil “high five!”
*A “technique-of-the-day” for energetic cleansing
*A guided meditation/breath experience to lead us into the frequency field
*A full hour of diving into the sound meditation
*A gentle embodiment meditation to ground and integrate your journey

Many people have experienced this time together as profoundly soothing, with awakened “ah-ha” insights, and a feeling of deep restfulness in their body. Making your growth and healing a priority in your life will lead you to places you can only imagine, and yet, are completely within the realm of possibility.
Ongoing exposure to the sonic field generated by the instruments is a journey I can only invite you to participate in…the rewards are outstanding! If not NOW, when?
In order to stay in Integrity with the time commitments, I pledge to start on time, stay conscious of time warps, spirals, and fractals and allow us to complete our journey on time and in the flow!
Join us…there’s room at the table

Please bring: Yoga mat or pad, water, blankets, pillows…etc. You will be laying on the floor for a full hour! Plan accordingly for your comfort

No prior experience necessary!

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1:00 PM13:00

Spiritual Heart Holiday Market

Join us for our first ever holiday market! Spiritual Heart Yoga Center invited conscious creators to showcase their products with our community. We welcome you to come support these artisans and do your holiday shopping locally & support small businesses.

Details to come!

Are you a local maker that creates products from your Spiritual Heart? We want you to join us! email: with a little info about yourself & product to join as a seller!

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3:00 PM15:00

Release + Renew

Release+Renew: Restorative Yoga Sound Healing Experience

with Bryan & Natalie


10% off for spiritual heart members

Experience a 2-hour high-frequency gong bath led by Bryan, while being gently guided through therapeutic restorative yoga with Natalie. These are restful poses supporting you with props to comfortably facilitate deep physiological relaxation & health.

Restorative Yoga can help to :
- Reduce stress in the body & mind
- Tap into the parasympathetic nervous system and physiological relaxation
- Boost the immune system
- Effectively treat burn-out, fatigue, insomnia
- Proven to lower cortisol levels and lose weight
- Access your body's innate ability to heal, regenerate and thrive

The sounds of Bryan's Pluto Gong, offer soothing vibrations to boost and balance the heart center, re-harmonize the cells of the body and shift the brainwaves of the mind into higher states of consciousness and peace. 

Natalie and Bryan are overjoyed to integrate these two profoundly healing modalities into one special evening, offering you a deeply replenishing and calming experience for your body, mind and soul.

All are welcome - no yoga experience necessary. All props are generously provided.

10% discount to spiritual heart members!


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