5:30 PM17:30

Yoga Nidra Pop Up Class

$10 for SHYC members & $20 for non members

Experience deeper levels of inner freedom than you ever imagined possible, giving yourself permission to rest, balance, restore, and tap into new sources of energy. Yoga Nidra Meditation is the antidote for modern life. Yoga Nidra facilitates the deepest possible state of relaxation while still maintaining full consciousness. This inspired practice awakens your senses, allowing you to enjoy life fully. Best of all Yoga Nidra is so easy to practice--all you have to do is lie down and listen...

In this 60 minute class, you will:

Experience deep peace

Feel whole and connected again

Reclaim your inner radiance

Alleviate not only muscular tension, but also mental and emotional stress

Learn to stimulate your body’s natural healing response

About Sydney: Sydney Cutler is a clinical social worker, 200-hour RYT, and certified Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra® meditation guide. Sydney discovered Yoga Nidra meditation during a tumultuous time of life-- as a full-time social worker and sleep-deprived new mother. Practicing Yoga Nidra enabled Sydney to experience a total transformation in her approach to life, career, and family. Practicing Yoga Nidra meditation for the past several years has enabled her to experience greater inner peace, better sleep, improved health-- and to become more present in every day life. She believes in the transformative power of music, nature, love, compassion, and community. She is a lifelong student of all things wellness-- yoga, eastern philosophy, nutrition, traditional and complementary medicine, and on and on!

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3:00 PM15:00

Sound Bath with Sean Levahn


$35 if purchased before April 1st

$40 after

10% off for SHYC members

Details to come...

What can you expect to experience at these sound bath events?

*Temple atmosphere with a beautiful altar set up before the Mothership of Sound

*A 5 minute silent meditation to begin

*Setting the container-Sphere of Light/Golden cocoon

*Essential oil anointing with the essential oil "high five!" 

*A "technique-of-the-day" for energetic cleansing

*A guided meditation/breath experience to lead us into the frequency field

*A full hour of diving into the sound meditation

*A gentle embodiment meditation to ground and integrate your journey

Many people have experienced this time together as profoundly soothing, with awakened "ah-ha" insights, and a feeling of deep restfulness in their body. Making your growth and healing a priority in your life will lead you to places you can only imagine, and yet, are completely within the realm of possibility.

Ongoing exposure to the sonic field generated by the instruments is a journey I can only invite you to participate in...the rewards are outstanding! If not NOW, when?

Join us...there's room at the table 💕🌍💕✨✨🚀✨✨✨☀️

Please bring: Yoga mat or pad, water, blankets, pillows...etc. You will be laying on the floor for a full hour! Plan accordingly for your comfort 👍🏾


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1:00 PM13:00

Shadow Yoga Basics Workshop

Join Cindi Lee in exploring the practice of Shadow Yoga.

For all levels.


10% off for SHYC members

Shadow Yoga Basics Description:

Experience the art of harmonizing the five layers of our being: the physical, energetic, emotional, wisdom, and spirit bodies. 

Shadow Yoga, founded by Shandor Remete, is a unique hatha yoga system that utilizes three Standing Prelude Forms, rhythmic breathing, bandhas (energetic locks), and the system of marma (trigger points).

The Shadow Yoga Basic workshop introduces the basic practice, principles of Shadow Yoga, including:

  • Restoration of Body’s Health                            
  • Improves Coordination
  • Gaining of Flexibility                                          
  • Regulates Breath
  • Lightness of Structure                                        
  • Engages the Center (core)
  • Flow of Life Force                                                
  • Opens Joints
  • Strength                                                                  
  • Stability in Spine
  • Endurance                                                           
  • Restful Mind                                                          
  • Healthy Immune System
  • Undo Harmful Habits                                          
  • Unfold Inner Powers    

Shadow Yoga is designed to stroke your inner fire for mediation, healing and living your path.

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